Let it be easy.

Nourish your calling.

self-mastery | subtle intelligence | deep leadership | energetic empowerment

Our Philosophy

We are more than what we seem.

As human beings, we are multidimensional creatures,
navigating vast oceans of potential and possibility
as we grow through our work and relationships.

For most of us, our movements in these realms
remain unconscious, manifesting either as
bewildering patterns and opaque frustrations in
our day-to-day lives, or as surprising twists
of fortune and fate. By partnering with the
transpersonal forces that direct our individual
and collective destinies, however, we are able
to gracefully fulfill our own deepest potential.

Working with The Subtle Center involves bringing
a grounded awareness to these rich interior planes,
facilitating a process of energetic empowerment and
profound motion that results in greater clarity,
freedom, efficacy and ease. This work in the subtle
begins at the beginning, by sensing the sovereign self.

As our client, you'll be supported and guided as
together we make visible the uniqueness of your own
deeper perceptions and the greatness of your own inner
resources in realizing an extraordinary existence of
purpose and communion, impact and liberation, legacy
and joy.